June, 2018


Photography, Retouching, Illustration, Animation, Gifs


Michaella Twersky

Tattly is a temporary tattoo brand established in Brooklyn in July 2011 by Tina Roth Eisenberg a.k.a Swiss Miss. Each tattoo is designed by professional artists who receive royalty of every sale. Miki and I were tasked with creating a campaign around the idea that Tattly can be used on more than just skin and is a lifestyle brand.
We came up with a unique narrative and twist, and brought it to life by combining saturated and funky photography, animation, bold type and web design. 
The result is an engaging and unexpected twist on a garden party that tells a clear story while still leaving room for the viewer’s imagination. After reviewing a set of submissions that included work from our very talented colleagues, Tattly picked this design and will elaborate it into a full-on marketing campaign. 
Michaella_Ariel_GardenParty_Flat (1).png
Animated GIF-source.gif