S. Sunshine

& Associates


July, 2018


Web Design, Branding


Michaella Twersky

Liang Dai

S. Sunshine & Associates is a woman-owned, B Corp-Certified social enterprise that provides real estate advisory and brokerage services to nonprofit, arts, and social impact organizations. My team and I designed the website as part of the company's rebranding to highlight the company's focus on working with social impact organizations.  
In approaching the new brand look and feel, the client was seeking to refresh the brand while retaining the core element of the brand, which is her last name, "Sunshine". We explored several design directions and landed on the clean yellow direction with bold yet professional typography. Yellow is was selected for its association with sunshine, while the more restrained connotations of black, white and grey convey her professionalism. We sprinkled small animations of sun rays throughout the site to add subtle and delightful touches. 
The result is a visually appealing and user-friendly website with a distinct identity that positively impacts the bottom line. 
Animated GIF-source.gif