February - May, 2018


Art Direction, Web Design, UX/UI

We first met Douglas at the beginning of that life shift, when he was forging a path to become a painter on a more professional basis, in addition to being a psychoanalyst. He paints his own stories and his style is a reflection of that.
In this collaboration, we were tasked to create a "teaser" website that's part of the marketing campaign for his solo show at Manhattan's Pleiades Gallery. We crafted a website that maintains a consistent look with other marketing materials while carrying a lot of personality, which emerges from our personal friendship with Douglas. The site features some of his best show pieces, and a customized pattern family that both enhances the paintings and increase the visual harmony of the website. 
project 1--.png
We created a pattern for each painting, and together, they form a family to increase visual harmony and consistency.